Building the U.S.S. Challenger (Planet of the Titans Refit), Pt. 1

So, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery‘s featured ship (NCC-1031) took as it’s starting point the original Planet of the Titans design by sci-fi concept artist and legend, Ralph McQuarrie.

We’re all going to see these concept paintings about 500 times over the next couple of years – but I hope we don’t lose sight of what an interesting and original take on the Enterprise this really was. I know people often say the secondary hull is just a Star Destroyer with a Trek saucer on it, but….honestly….how freaking cool is that??

I’m actually glad to see Trek getting back to simpler shapes – some of the designs in the later series (including Enterprise) got a bit silly.

A few years ago, I ran across some redesigns of the Planet of the Titans ship by one Lord Sarvain, who runs the Galactic Empire blog – please check it out!

I decided that rather than get on with the U.S.S. Endeavor design (still trying to work out what to do with the deflector…) I’d have a go at his very sleek version of the ship.

I began with some basic drawings to get the proportions down, and made the saucer. It would need to be thin – very thin.

Next time, I have a go at making the body and the wings.


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